Our history

From idea to reality. From reality to remodeling. For 45 years, the Stattmann has brought life to the colorful tourism landscape of Gerlos!

History of the Gerlosperle


Once upon a time, around 150 years ago, there was a young maiden from Tyrol. The young daughter at the Cafe Platzer in Gerlos went on to hotel school, an internship in Munich and even milkshake courses on the island of Sylt.


At the same time, in Carinthia: The Austrian version of James Dean, a baker and master confectioner, who had gained experience in Innsbruck, Vienna and Stuttgart, became the perfect son-in-law for the Platzer family ...

Christa & Edi

And so it was that Edi came to Gerlos in 1960. Though they'd worked together and teased each other for some time, sparks didn't begin to fly for another 4 years ...

Building of the Milchbar

But then they really hit the nail on the head - and along came homes and children.

Building of the Milchbar

The Milchbar was built opposite the Cafe Platzer in 1971/72.

Building of the Milchbar

Small, yet a true gem ...

Opening of the Milchbar in 1972

In August 1972, the time had finally arrived: the Milchbar opened its doors, immediately becoming a popular spot for young and old with its fantastic milk specialties and sweets.

Edi & Christa Stattmann

Freshly baked caterers in the family way ...

Tina as a baby

In 1973, our establishment's first full-fledged daughter came into this world - Tina. She has always loved wearing traditional folk dresses.

Christa with Tina

Of course, those folk dresses were a little shorter back in those days ...

Stattmann family

The young Stattman Family in 1977


Their first car and Edi's true love, whom he still misses to this day - a bright red MG ...


1981: Christa's parents' house had a long history, but now it was ready to be torn down ... and today's "Bierkönig" was built.


1981 was also the year that Child No.2 was born - our Isabell.

Tina & Isabell

Tina had been setting out pieces of candy on the window ledge for years, in a bid to get the stork to bring her a little sister - it took 8 years until she finally was an only child no more ...

Christa and Isabell

Christa and Isi ... no words necessary


Bierkönig and Milchbar until 1993

Whiskey the guard dog

Our best acquisition came in 1993: Whiskey. Totally unsuited to be a watchdog - but unbeatable when it comes to welcoming guests!

Milchbar renovations

After 22 years, the Milchbar was renovated in 1994, with an extra floor being added.

Tina & Isabell

Nowadays, it's impossible to imagine the Milchbar Team without Tina and Isabell ...

Stattmann family

2007: After the sudden death of Papa Edi Tina&Isabell had to run the business on their own with the same passion their parents always did.

Milchbar TODAY

2009: The Milchbar girls, Tina & Isabell, breathe new life into the Milchbar, beginning a face lift true to the motto: tradition meets modern design meets preserving what deserves to be preserved.