Sauna oasis - small but mighty

After a strenuous day in the Tyrolean mountains, you and your muscles can relax in our "small but mighty" sauna.

  • When it's the time of year and colds occur again, it is useful, to visit the sauna on a regular basis. In that way the body will become stronger and less susceptible to infections. Colds, in its early stages, can even be stopped by using the sauna. But you should be careful: if you already have a cold and maybe even a fever, we advise you not to use the sauna. It can worsen the situation.
  • Those, who suffer from a stiff back and pain in the back, are advised to lie on the stomach most of the time. In this way the sauna heat from the ceiling will reach the back straight away, allowing the back muscles and soul to relax almost straight away. We advise you not to lie down all the time, but to sit up straight every so often. It is of major importance for the blood circulation.
  • People with acne should visit the sauna regularly. The heat will open pores that are clogged up with sebum, which is important for healing.
  • Rheumatic symptoms can be reduced substantially by visiting the sauna. Spine problems can be dealt with faster and better if you visit the sauna on a regular basis.
  • Joint pain, sprains and bruises heal faster.
  • Blood circulation problems can be reduced, except vascular disorders. If you suffer from a vascular disease, you should not visit the sauna.
  • The sauna heat has a positive effect on the heart and blood circulation.
  • By visiting the sauna regularly, some types of high blood pressure can be dealt with successfully. Consult your GP first, because he has detailed information with regard to the cause of your high blood pressure. It's quite logical, actually, why the sauna is beneficial to many high blood pressure patients. The sauna heat widens the arterial blood vessels substantially, which causes the blood pressure to drop.
  • Nervousness and stress can be reduced by the sauna.
  • Many people, who suffer from asthma, breathe remarkably well in the dry sauna air and most of them do not have any severe asthma attacks anymore when they visit the sauna regularly.

The sauna bath: instructions

  • Before you enter the sauna, for the first round, you should have a decent shower, to remove any traces of everyday perspiration. It is important to dry yourself off thoroughly afterwards; in that way sweating will not be obstructed in the sauna room. If you don't dry yourself off completely, the heat of the sauna will vaporize the water from the shower on the skin, cooling it down. This would then delay the sweating process.
  • If you want to sweat quickly, we advise you to massage your body with a dry brush beforehand. A warm footbath has the same effect.
  • As soon as you have entered the sauna room, we recommend you spread out your towel on the middle or highest bench and lie down. Close your eyes and relax.
  • The first warming-up phase of the body will take 8 to 15 minutes max. The most important rule: the sauna only has a positive effect on your body and mind, as long as you feel well. If the sense of well being diminishes, you should leave the sauna at once.
  • After the first sauna round you should shower, using cold or cool water, dry yourself off and go into the fresh air.
  • Then it's time for the second sauna round that will take 10 to 15 minutes. After this round you should shower again, using cold or cool water, dry yourself off and have a rest. At this stage many sauna fans have themselves pampered with a massage.

Main rule: If you have never been to the sauna and you would like to, you should consult your GP first.