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In the 48 years that we have been happily running our “MILCHBAR” cafe-restaurant, we have seen a lot… Love that goes straight to the stomach and much further ;-) – marriage proposals, first kisses, and sometimes even bittersweet last ones too.

Tears of sadness and joy, heated debates, very secret conversations and meetings that supposedly never happened. There has been dancing and laughing, and guests who had their fingers where they didn’t belong were tied to chairs and if they started fighting, they were set outside the door.

We were actually able to convert the grouches into lovable regulars. None of them were happy, but we put rum into everything, including the sweet things! Yep, even in the children’s pancakes...guaranteeing lots of happy kids!

Around 600 employees have enhanced and enriched our team, some for only a day and others for a long time – Ivo holds the record with 10 years! He has the strongest nerves.

In the meantime, we have sadly lost our Papa – even those in heaven want to eat the world’s best cakes made by Papa himself.

Isabell, the “little one” of the 2 sisters, married Mathias, and these 2 have two unbelievably sweet kids - Leni & Max. Mathias, who has 130 kids scurrying around Hotel Kröller on quiet days, is already looking forward to Isabell’s help, even though with all those kids around, the “quiet times” are a thing of the past!

Tina and Peter are living happily ever after – hopefully...although Peter is slowly becoming worried what he will do with Tina in the future when she is no longer working 14 hours a day and only takes care of her guests in the “MILCHBAR” apartments.

Mama Christa, who is about to turn 80, refuses to buy clothes for anyone over the age of 60, because she is no “old bag”. She really enjoys being with her grandchildren and does everything with them that she didn’t have time to do with us back in the day.

But sometimes good things come to an end so that even better things can begin. Starting in December 2020, we will entrust our restaurant to Antonia & Fabian, who will make it your new favorite place!

HERE you can get to know these 2 better or even make a table reservation.

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